Whether you have a Chevy Duramax, Ford Powerstroke, or Dodge Cummins, we know how to get the most performance out of your truck and offer all of todays most popular and high quality diesel performance products. 

Computer Diagnostics

Dealer Diagnostic Computers for accurate diagnostics on any Chevy, Ford, Dodge diesel truck.

Train Horns

Don’t like the way your horn sounds? Want something more aggressive… Enhance by installing a train horn.

Performance Tuning

Street or track, our tuning packages will put a grin on your face every time you drive your truck.

Engine Build

Take advantage of our extensive experience to maximize your high performance build.


Trucks with air suspension are often said to “glide” over bumps. You can select a cushy ride if you are on a rough road or a harsh ride if you want to improve handling.

Custom lift Kits

Cutting edge suspension lift kits ranging from 6″, 8″ and 12″ lifts. Clearing 35″, 37″ and 40″ tire sizes without compromising ride quality.

Custom Programmers 

Make the best out of your truck performance with a custom computer program.

Extended Fuel Tanks

Extended fuel tanks enable you to drive your pickup more than twice as long between fill ups.


Transmission Upgrades

We offer different transmission upgrades depending on your performance needs.

In-house Custom Welding

High Performance Diesel and Custom Metal Welding.

Wheels & Tires

Make you truck or Jeep stand out with the hottest trend in forged-style wheels, Off Road and 4×4 rims.

4×4 Jeep Modifications

Lift Kit, Springs, Shocks, Wheels, Off Road Tires.

Custom Exhaust and Tip

Having a performance diesel exhaust can increase horsepower and torque, give superior sound, better fuel economy and increase towing capacity.

Fuel System

Upgraded fuel pump and filtration for better performance and fuel economy.

and much more…

Turbo Upgrades 

We offer different turbo upgrades depending on your performance needs.

Custom Fabrications

High Performance Diesel and Custom Metal Fabrication.

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